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Group Ceremony

2 hours

  • From 22 US dollars
  • Berryville|Harpers Ferry|Hamilton|Bluemont

Service Description

We have started this venture of hosting Cacao ceremonies for a number of reasons, but primarily for the intention of promoting vitality and authentic connection in our community. We started off by simply having Cacao ceremonies for ourselves but we quickly recognized the beautiful heart opening experience Cacao had to offer. We knew we had to share it with our friends, family, and anyone else interested in connecting more deeply with themselves and others. ​ In terms of what a Cacao ceremony looks like there are a number of different ways to conduct a ceremony and they will all vary somewhat based off a theme we have chosen and the specific intentions of each group. However, some things you can expect during our ceremonies include sitting in a circle with a small group, drinking pure ceremonial Cacao, intention setting, breath-work, meditation, light body work, mindfulness exercises, drum meditations, dancing, and group sharing/reflection. As mentioned above each ceremony will vary meaning that all of these activities will not necessarily occur every time. Some ceremonies lean into a more 'Yin' theme meaning more focus on internal reflective work and exercises for tuning with the self while others will be more 'Yang' meaning more expression and movement is encouraged. PLEASE NOTE- The Ceremonies held in Harpers Ferry are at our home so you will receive the address upon sign-up. If you don't receive an email with the address please reach out to

Upcoming Sessions

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